Beaudesert asset sale to Fairymead Sugar Coy, Bundaberg Sept 1st 1944 /Aramac Tramway.

Mark S

I am researching Fairmont Railway Motor Trolley history of Australia and although most were utilized by main railway systems around the country  some found their way on tramways  including Beaudesert and Amarac.  shows the results of  tenders being accepted for the disposal of assets from the Beaudesert Tramway and included is a Fairmont Motor sold to Fairymead Sugar Coy, Bundaberg 1st September 1944.  It would have been a wooden bodied car with a "coffee pot" engine as it was pre 1948 and may or may not have had a cab fitted. Pictured is the Cooktown Fairmont which would have been similar. A long shot but I wonder if anyone  knows any details or has pictures.

The Fairmont Motor Trolley Aramac Tramway approved for  purchase in December 1954 and acquired  in 1955 was a kit car imported from Fairmont Railway Motors MN USA by and assembled by Tutt-Bryant Pty Ltd at their plant in Rydlemere Sydney. It was a Fairmont model  ST2-H-1-1, Tutt-Bryant Serial No. 2020 of 1955. Unless requested for a colour change here in Australia it would have left the Tutt-Bryant factory a bright orange as per Fairmont MN standard factory colour at the time.

I note it was a replacement so have no idea what was used before it was purchased and it may have well been a wooden bodied Fairmont. Any details or early pictures would be appreciated..

Mark S

John Browning

Here are a couple of photos of the Beaudesert Tramway Fairmont, from the Keith McDonald collection.

It was new in early 1928. See


Beaudesert earlier had a more elaborate rail motor built in Brisbane.

Its delivery run from Woolloongabba was on 20 October 1914. See

It does not seem to have been very successful.


I believe that Aramac had an previous Fairmont, supplied in 1935, and before that a locally-produced unit, in 1918.



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