New LRRSA book - "Australia's Colourful American Locomotives" - pre-publication offer

Frank Stamford

A reminder - there are only eight days before the special pre-publication sale of this book is all over. If you are wavering - should I buy or not? - then consider this: the price will go from $102 to the regular $129 on August 1. That's a saving of $27. (The members price will go from $82 to $96.75).

This is a 160 page landscape format book of A3 size and weighs 2.4 kg. It is not so much a coffee-table book but more of a dining-room table book.
Perhaps some of the ratings received from customers might sway you:
- 20 out of 10
- Absolutely beautiful book 10 out of 10
- Outstanding
- Amazingly detail and quality
- Amazing, wonderful...!!!
Remember, it's a limited edition. It will not be reprinted. And it is selling exceptionally well, so you can't rely on being able to buy this as a Christmas present!