"In the Shadow of the Prom" last few days of pre-publication price!

Frank Stamford

Last few days!
A reminder that the LRRSA’s new book “In the Shadow of the Prom”, by Mike McCarthy, is available to LRRSA members at a 40% discount price of $39.60 until 30 August. For non-members a reduced price of $55.00 applies until 30 August. Postage on one or two copies within Australia is $15.00. From 31 August the price will be $66.00 ($49.50 for LRRSA members).
In the Shadow of the Prom is a history of the railways and tramways and their importance to the early settlement of south Gippsland from Foster to the Mullungdung forest north-east of Yarram.
It includes extensive details and maps of numerous tramways, which provided transport from the coast before the coming of the South Gippsland Railway. The 2 ft gauge steam operated Goodwood tramway from Port Albert is covered in detail, as is the 2 ft 6 in gauge Victorian Railways Port Welshpool line.
The illustrations, including photographs, maps and diagrams are some of the best to be produced so far in an LRRSA publication.
In the Shadow of the Prom is available here: