Online interactive 3D maps

John Cleverdon <johnc@...>

Hello all,
A couple of online interactive 3D maps that I've come across in the past month or two, via professional email lists. They are intended for bushfire analysis but have other uses as well. A good Net connection is recommended.

A 3D interactive map with aerial photography - admittedly a few years old - overlaid ( To rotate or change the angle of this map, use the 'Navigate' button (the bottom of the buttons at top left).  The street network isn't up-to-date either.

A similar map at:
It's main aim relates to the recent large bushfires in NSW.
However, turn off the maps on the 'Layer List' (third button from right, top right of map) and you have a useful online interactive 3D map of Australia (a bit like the 'Memory Map' software).
With the 'Basemap Gallery' (fourth button from right, top right of map) you can choose what type of map you want as the base, draped over the digital terrain model.
To rotate the map or change the angle, use the ‘Navigate’ button; the bottom of the 5 buttons at the top-left of the map.

John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
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