Rails to Rubicon - differences between first and second edition

Frank Stamford

This message is in response to queries about the differences between the first (1994) and second (2019) edition of this book.
If you have a first edition then the decision to invest in the second edition really depends on how much value you put on the illustrations. The text of the original edition was extremely well researched and has stood the test of time. There are hardly any changes to the original text. However the new edition takes advantage of advances in printing technology and computer software to recover information hidden in old photographs. Judging by what I have seen in the printer's proofs the photographs will be much improved. The maps also now have the waterways in blue, and the locomotive and rolling stock drawings show the original colours of the equipment. The graphs are also now in colour. There are also a few extra photographs, and a few of the (relatively recent) original photographs have been replaced with colour versions. The overall quality of the book will be similar to other recent LRRSA books, like "Engaging the Giants", and "The McIvor Timber & Firewood Company".