CSR Victoria Mill wire tramway 1890


Wondering if the wire tramway that was used at Gairloch around 1890 for taking the cane across the Herbert River near the Victoria Mill near Ingham QLD, was of the ‘Self-Acting Tramway’ style of  wagons on tramway tracks or an aerial device between towers each side of river flying fox style? The context below suggests tramway rails? My Tweed research shows negotiations around the Terranora plateau on the northern bank of the Tweed River around this time. The EW Know would be Edward William Knox (1847–1933).


My source is John Kerr’s Notes;  1890: EW Knox to McLean, Victoria - 'Is the wire tramway that was used at Gairloch for taking the cane across the River still in position?' We have a request for a tramway on the Tweed to convey cane from the tableland to navigable water and the grades are too steep for an ordinary line, but it may be worth considering making an offer for that at Gairloch' (CSR Goondi corresp.: DL/JDK)


The data base https://researchdata.ands.org.au/john-douglas-kerr-history-database/1326079?source=suggested_datasets



Peter Cokley