Sydney Metro may have tunnel locomotives

Philip G Graham

Project overview

Sydney Metro, City & Southwest line, Chatswood~Marrickville - JHCPBG jv (C) - TBM DoubleShield 7.0 m od x 4 x X XXX m (_/19~_/2x); TBM Hybrid MixedShield/Slurry 7.0 m od x 1 x 700 m {15 500 m total} (_/19~_/19) {JHCPBG=John Holland/CPB Contractors/Ghella jv}

TBM #1N Chatswood{LS}~Blues Point (TBM DoubleShield)
TBM #2N Chatswood{LS}~Blues Point (TBM DoubleShield)

TBM #3H (i) Barangaroo{LS}~Blues Point (TBM Hybrid MixedShield/Slurry)
TBM #3H (ii) Barangaroo{LS}~Blues Point

TBM #4S Marrickville{LS}~Barangaroo (TBM DoubleShield)
TBM #5S Marrickville{LS}~Barangaroo (TBM DoubleShield)

For the newer Sydney Metro City & Southwest line Project jv partner Ghella will be the actual TBM operators, they have usually had narrow gauge construction railway [conrail] with loco-hauled stock servicing their TBM projects, and recent indications from the Sydney Metro City & Southwest Marrickville site office tend to reinforce this surmise. The tunnel locomotives and supporting rolling stock have not yet been identified, these usually are delivered on a Just-In-Time basis. It remains to be said that close observation by LRRSA members and other interested parties of this work-site from the vantage point of the Bedwin Road Overbridge needs to be reported frequently during the next three months. Once the locomotives arrive they will only be on the surface for a few weeks before disappearing 'down-the-hole". A useful identification feature is the paint colour of orange (new-build Schöma); white (second-hand Schöma) or Yellow/Blue (GIA).

The first TBM is currently being assembled at the Marrickville Dive Site. The Herrenknecht Doubleshield TBM has serial number S-1137 and the second is due shortly.

Sydney Metro, City & Southwest line, Marrackville~Barangaroo - JHCPBG jv (C) - Herrenknecht TBM DoubleShield (i) Up Line S-1137 7.0 m od x X XXX m (_/19~_/2x); Down Line S-11xx 7.0 m od x X XXX m (_/19~_/2x) {JHCPBG=John Holland/CPB Contractors/Ghella jv}

Also the trend for acoustic sheds over the surface worksites means that later one will have to rely on "official sources" for glimpses of interior tunneling works down to TBM level.

Please report your sightings to the LRRSA group here or the Light Railways News Editor.


Stuart Thyer

Further to Philips posting, the Chatswood site is fast developing, with a large shed already erected on the site midway between Chatswood and Artamon stations adjacent to the north shore railway. The site is between Nelson st and Mowbray rd and as the shed opens towards Nelson st, an excellent view into the site is probably available there.