: An introduction and a question

Philip G Graham

My first thought was where would you obtain this type of equipment without the considerable financial outlay of building new gear from scratch?

I guess a lot would hinge on the life of project, value of the items mined, and so on.

In recent times I have been doing research into the rail equipment and locomotives that have been used with Tunnel Boring Machines. Currently there is not much of this equipment remaining in this country from recent projects, the equipment usually being imported, used and then re-exported during the relatively short lives of these types of projects. But a lot of the mucking out wagons would probably also suit use outside of tunnels in the great outdoors. There is a good range of mining and tunneling locomotives of various powers.

It may require importing second-hand, refurbished equipment from overseas. I have at least one company in mind that could offer this equipment, and I have no doubt that they would be willing to come up with investigations and quotations.

Happy to pass on the info.

-PGG- Tasmania