Crabbes Creek Cletrac


Hi Folks,


The topic is the Tweed district’s CSR Condong Mill / Crabbes Creek sugar tramway’s Cletrac / Cleveland Tractor Company loco whose introduction at Crabbes Creek I traced via Trove to 1921


The good news is I found a photo of it in a local Tweed library book and thought you folk might be interested. Source is Glimpses at the past : memories of the Tweed Coast and hinterland by David Rae, self-published 2010. The book’s introduction states (quote) always provided that the source is appropriately acknowledged, parts of this book may be reproduced in any genuine endeavour to research and preserve the history of the Tweed district (end quote). I take that to mean serious type research with acknowledgement is permitted thus I also labelled each page with the source. The book’s Trove reference


I offer two Cletrac scans, from different pages of that book, to choose from on my Google Drive download site. Each page is offered in different sizes to suit your interest or download speeds. The first page has two different images of the loco. Perhaps start with the smallest to check if interested.

Smallest version 190KB

3 MB version of same image

42 MB version of same image


The second page only has one image of the loco and once again different download sizes. 

Smallest to check if interested 200kb

1 MB version of same image

13MB version of same image

27 MB version of same image


My LRRSA magazine article preparation on the Tweed is progressing.



Peter Cokley