Light Railways 204 posted, website updated, new books, and Melbourne meeting

Frank Stamford

"Light Railways" No.204 December 2008 was packed last night and posted

The LRRSA web site has also been updated to included LR 204,
information on three books new to the LRRSA Sales Department, and
adding new links to other websites, viz:

Industrial locomotives of south Asia
Poland - narrow gauge railways
USA - Gilpin tramway
USA - Wiscasset Waterfall & Farmington Railway

(The introduction page of the Polish narrow gauge railways website is
in English, the rest in Polish, but Google translate does a reasonable
job of Polish.)

The three books new to the LRRSA Sales Department are:

Copper at the 'Curry
Wheels in Motion
One for the Road

"Copper at the 'Curry" is a new book by Norm Houghton, published by
the author, about copper mining at Cloncurry, Queensland, with
emphasis on the railays and tramways. The book is so new that it is
not listed in the December LRRSA Sales List, but is on the website and
the online shop. It was delivered to the publisher last Thursday, and
we got our stock yesterday.

On the other hand, "Wheels in Motion" and "One for the Road" were
published by the author about ten years ago. Until recently the author
did not offer this at wholesale prices. At least one of these two
books will go out of print shortly ("Wheels in Motion" I think). Both
books are about Queensland sugar tramways, and include maps of most
systems. More details are on our website.

By the way, the price of "One for the Road" is incorrectly stated at
$55.00 in the December LRRSA Sales List. The correct price is $49.50
($44.55 to LRRSA members). The price on the website and in the Online
Shop is correct.

The new LRRSA book "Shays, Crabs and Phosphate" has now been
published, and all the pre-publication orders have been posted.
International customers who chose surface mail may not see it until
February next year, unfortunately.

Finally, the December Melbourne meeting of the LRRSA will not be at
the normal location in Ashburton. "Light Railways" No.204 contains
information on the location of this meeting.