Fiji Locomotive Bits N Pieces

BLI BLI <alcogoodwin@...>

Hi everyone,
Went to the Colonel's house last night to
make a note of what he saw locomotive wise.
While he did not make an extensive search for every
unit like we did last year, the following operational
locomotive list may be of use to some people other
than just me :-)

Clyde: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20
EMB: 16 (saw mostly on shuttles south of Vuda
Point with the occasional foray to the mill).
BD: 18 (mostly between mill and Nadi for truck
rescue duties. The Colonel was told that they are
making a big effort to get back trucks for repair)
Huns: 17 (was noted in the shed, but it is likely it
was still waiting for repair).

Clyde: 9, 27
Diema: 25 (still shunting mill and short runs)
Hunslet: 20
22 (allocated to Tavua)

BD: 9
Derelicts noted outside mill appear not to have had
any status change other than further covered in weeds.

The linecar shed at Tavua was checked but, as
expected, was empty. Likely ben that way since we
witnessed the last one leave last year.

Apparently there is a number of early runs across
the Maqere Ranges (between Tavua and Ba) every day to
pick up empties and distribute them. One would imagine
they likely haul the fulls from beyond Tavua at this
time as well.
The exchange area between locos/crews from Tavua and
Ba is believed to be somewhere on the Ba side of
Maquere loop (next to first range level crossing
coming from Ba). It was said to be just around the
corner out of view of the crossing but this wasn't
The lines beyond Tavua are only done in the late

The Colonel also noted a far more upbeat atitude
regarding the future of the rail system in Fiji,
certainly far more positive than this time last year.
It is expected the damaged bridge at Matawalu will
be ready by next season and that more cane will now be
railed in from the Ba side of Lautoka.
No mention of how far Lautoka trains would operate
when reopened or how may of the closed branches will
also reopen. While there is no real need for through
services between Lautoka and Ba, I wonder if the who
line will be brought up to a standard that it could be
done if needed?

Anyway thats the latest bits n pieces from Fiji. 12
months to go (for me to get there) and counting :-)


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