Was Arial Ropeways

Peter Robinson <pmwombat@...>

Thanks Chris,
I hadn't considered that - may well be true.
The company's Fettling Ganger (mid 1980s) told me they were ex BBWs, and I
just accepted that.
After they were removed from behind Medway village, the company started
upgrading their Berrima Jct - Cement Works line. One or two of the hoppers
were brought back into use, painted yellow, and used for ballasting the new

Peter Robinson

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I'm sure I read or heard somewhere that the wagons were new to SPC, and were
copies of the BBW. Southern Portland Cement was formed in 1926 and the major
shareholders were Australian Iron & Steel and Howard Smith Ltd. A couple of
the wagons are at Port Kembla steelworks, still numbered SPCxx.

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