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The plan also shows a 2ft tramway running to the east of the line of Lode
from block 14 to a store yard on the Junction North Mine.
The 2ft-gauge line will be that used to transport slimes to the Junction North Mine for treatment. The Junction North invested heavily in a treatment plant however the mine itself does not seem to have been a great success. The company purchased the residue of several mines for treatment and operated a couple of locos to transport it. See Light Railways Nos 73 and 75. Some other notes on this operation are below.


Mining and Engineering Review, 5 Aug 1911, p431:

Junction North Broken Hill has decided on the installation of a minerals separator for the treatment of their tailings. The company has also purchased nearly 100,000 tons of slimes from the North Broken Hill Co. at 7s 6d per on and 50,000 tons from the Block 14 Co.

Mining and Engineering Review, 3 Nov 1911:

Broken Hill Junction North: Slime dumps totalling 221,300 tons have now been purchased.

Mining and Engineering Review, 5 Jun 1912:

Broken Hill Junction North [report period ended 30 Mar?]: Locomotive, trucks and rails for the line to the slime dumps are now on the mine.

Mining and Engineering Review, 5 Dec 1912:

Broken Hill Junction North (half year report to 30 Sep): Flotation plant is now dealing with its full rated capacity of 3500 tons per week. The company has entered into an agreement with Block 14 Co. to purchase their sulphide ore. the British Co. has deposited 38,901 tons of slime on terms of the agreement for purchase of their current output; since the report was issued a deal has been completed with Broken Hill South Extended Co. for purchase of all their ore at grass and being won in development.

Mining and Engineering Review, 6 Dec 1915, p72 Broken Hill Block 14 - report to 30 Sep 1915

No market has yet been found for the sulphide ore, which prior to the outbreak of the war was sold to the Junction North Co.; but work in the carbonate zone is proceeding without interruption.

Mining and Engineering Review 5 Dec 1916: Junction North Broken Hill [report for half year ended September 30]

.Messrs Bewick, Moreing & Co were recently asked to furnish a report on the plant. After mentioning necessary additions in the shape of another small locomotive.

Broken Hill - A Pictorial History by R H B Kearns, Investigator Press, Hawthorndene, 1982:

.In 1912 the company became Junction North Broken Hill Mine No. Liability.
During World War I the Junction North ceased operations for three years. Dwindling ore reserves were supplemented by the purchase of slime dumps and residues obtained from other mines, for treatment in the Junction North concentrating plant. A small "puffing billy" engine hauled trucks of material at the rear of the principal mines to the Junction North ore bins.
The Junction North ceased operations in 1928 and went into voluntary liquidation. It was acquired by North Broken Hill Limited at public auction for �5500 in 1931

"Railed Transport in the Broken Hill District" by C C Singleton in ARHS Bulletin, May 1962, page 74:

Junction Mine [sic]: This mine had a section of 2' gauge tramway and, in 1926, two dismantled engines were noted, both being scrapped in 1930. One was an 0-4-2T by Kerr Stuart (B/N 743/1902) and the other was an 0-4-0T by Orenstein & Koppel (B/N 5022/1911).

.one "Beaky" Martin, driver of the German engine, who had been so steeped in road safety that he always held out his arm in a turn signal before rounding each curve.

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Dick and others,

I had a feeling that there was another aerial tramway at Broken Hill so I
checked in the mountain of stuff I have on Broken Hill (I am writing a
report on mining there).

I have a 1932 plan of the Line of Lode that shows an aerial tramway from the
Marsh shaft (on Bock 16 ) to Thompson's shaft and from Thompson's shaft to
the British BHP milling plant. I think this is for ore transport to the

This was in addition to the Block 10 aerial tramway.

The plan also shows a 2ft tramway running to the east of the line of Lode
from block 14 to a store yard on the Junction North Mine. There doesn't seem
much point to it as both mines are served by the Silverton Tramway. As it
is 2ft and runs from a store yard to a mine, I assume it is for timbers
.etc, 2ft being a likely gauge for underground tramways.

Maybe somebody knows more about this.


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