Re: Australia's Colourful American Locomotives - a proposed new LRRSA book. - Parramatta SFL Steam Motor 2 and trailer at Parramatta Park Gatehouse c1890.jpg - Parramatta SFL Steam Motor 2 at Redbank 1938.jpg

Bill Bolton <billbolton@...>

On Thu, 07 Nov 2019 10:13:35 -0800, Terry wrote:

I agree with Tony's observation that the terminal loop was on
land to the side of O'Connell Street.
It seems that you and others are still posting to the Yahoo groups
email address, and I can't see "Tony's observations" at the
web site.

Anyway, does anyone have a track map for the Redbank tramway?

Meanwhile here is a photo, via Ian Saxon, of SFL 2 at Redbank circa

Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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