Re: Australia's Colourful American Locomotives - a proposed new LRRSA book. - Parramatta SFL Steam Motor 2 and trailer at Parramatta Park Gatehouse c1890.jpg


I agree with Tony's observation that the terminal loop was on land to the side of O'Connell Street.
I can still remember watching trams running around in the loop and shunting at the (Domain) Park Gates terminus.
I do not recall a stub terminal in George Street as mentioned by Bill Bolton and a loop would have been necessary for the runaround and to facilitate shunting the nearby Meggitts Linseed Oil Factory site on the other (Southern) side of George Street.
While the points of the track leading into the factory are not visible in the photograph these were located about the bottom of the picture and led to its left and were trailing for trams proceeding from Redbank to Park Gates.
The terminal loop site was vacant for a long time after trams ceased running and rails of parts of the nearby sidings within Megitts were subsequently visible for many years after the factory was dismantled and until the construction of the Commonwealth Law Courts on that site.
There is local speculation that there are still tramway rails under parts of George Street. 
Terry Boardman

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