Re: Australia's Colourful American Locomotives - a proposed new LRRSA book. - Parramatta SFL Steam Motor 2 and trailer at Parramatta Park Gatehouse c1890.jpg

Bill Bolton <billbolton@...>

Attached is another small photo of SFL 2 with an open platform trailer
at the Parramatta Park Gatehouse circa 1890. The photo has come via a
NSW State archive, but I am uncertain exactly what the exact
provenance is.

Every other SFL tram shot I have seen at this location just showed a
stub terminal on George Street, so another surprise for me was that
the tracks once turned onto O'Connell Street.... though it does
explain why the Northern corner of that intersection is somewhat
"shaved", right through to this day!

BTW, George St Parramatta becomes bidirectional again from the end of
November 2019.

Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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