Re: Australia's Colourful American Locomotives - a proposed new LRRSA book.

Frank Stamford

Hello Bill,

The Register is available on Trove, but you won't find it listed under "R" !

It is listed under "S" - South Australian Register 1839-1900. And it is a very good resource,

That is a very nice looking horse tram that you have given the link to below:



On 4/11/2019 10:17 am, Bill Bolton wrote:
On Sun, 3 Nov 2019 22:11:22 +1100, Frank wrote:

I am hoping to find the time to do a little more exploring of
Adelaide newspapers to find out more about this locomotive and its
There is an intriguing entry on a SA State Library web page, regarding
the 'Adelaide to Unley and Mitcham Tramway'.

"while a meeting called to consider the use of steam motors is
reported on
30 September 1879, page 5a; also see
29 November 1879 (supp.), page 2b."

The journal concerned is "The Register", which unfortunately is not
available through Trove.

See <>

I have found the Baldwin specification sheet for the locomotive, and
against "Color" it says "Canary", but there is a question mark after it!
The horse tram rolling stock liveries in Adelaide often incorporated a
bright yellow colour, so this would be consistent. See....

And thank you Richard for the two photographs.
Yes, very interesting!

Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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