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'Trolley Wire' was totally incorrect in the reason it gave for
the motor's withdrawal from use.
John Radcliffe is generally regarded as a very reliable source for
information on Adelaide trams.

 Its run on 7th February was its first and last.
Apparently not. According to the article below..... "The Motor, which
we described in our issue of Friday, has made several experimental
trips of a private character....."

"THE ADELAIDE AND MITCHAM TRAMWAY. (The South Australian Advertiser,
Mon 10 Feb 1879, Page 6)

A public trial of the Baldwin steam motor, which the Adelaide and
Mitcham Tramway Company intend using on their tramway, took
place on Friday afternoon, February 7. The Motor, which we described
in our issue of Friday, *has made several experimental trips of a
private character, but a special trial of its powers was arranged for
the 7th instant, to give the Mayor and members of the City Corporation
an opportunity of witnessing its capabilities. The Company, it
appears, have to obtain the consent of the Mayor to the running of
steam motors within the streets of the city ,hence their anxiety to
prove that the machine in question is in every way suitable for the
work for which it was designed. Shortly after three o'clock the Mayor
(Mr. C. Buik), the City Surveyver and Town Clerk, several Councillors
and ex-Councillors, the Chairman and members of the Mitcham District
Council, and representatives of the Unley Corporation, assembled in
Flinders street, where the motor was attached to one of the Company's

There is a lot more text to the article which can be viewed here....

Although successful, the Adelaide City Council demanded such an
expensive licence for the Company to run it in regular service that
it remained unused.
The company reported TWO reasons, not solely the licence fee....

Advertiser, Sat 14 Jun 1879, Page 13)

"The steam motor imported by the Company was successfully used on the
line for some time, but as the City Council demanded £103 before they
would allow it to enter the city, and as also some popular prejudice
against the use of steam on public roads remains to be overcome, your
Directors deemed it expedient to discontinue its use for the present,
and will wait the result of the trial of other engines which are
being imported far other tramlines before deciding on the rival merits
of steam aud horse. There is no doubt that if steam were entirely
used a great saving would be effected, and traffic could be largely

There is a lot more text to the article which can be viewed here....

Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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