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'Trolley Wire' was totally incorrect in the reason it gave for the motor's withdrawal from use.  Its run on 7th February was its first and last.  Although successful, the Adelaide City Council demanded such an expensive licence for the Company to run it in regular service that it remained unused.  I've not seen any report of this single trip that mentioned objections from the upper deck passengers (who would all have been invited guests if there were, indeed, any).  The plans for the tramway submitted to parliament showed extensions of the line to quarries above Mitcham and the motor may well have been bought partly with the intention that it would haul wagons of building stone to Adelaide.  The quarry lines were not built.

Two photos of the motor are attached: when running in Parramatta and when derelict, stripped of its cab and so showing its innards.



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> I googled Adelaide Baldwin steam tram motor and it lead me to a couple
> of Trove newspaper references.

See also "Trolley Wire", June 1978

"The Mitcham Company had also imported a Baldwin steam motor but its
use aroused considerable objection from upper-deck passengers and
passers-by. It was abandoned within a few months and after a period of
storage was sold to Sydney Ferries who used it from 1885 to 1937."



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