Re: Australia's Colourful American Locomotives - a proposed new LRRSA book.


It was ordered by the Adelaide Unley & Mitcham Tramway Co. through Arkell, Tufts & Co., New York Export Agents.  Numbered 1, it was sold in November 1883 to the Parramatta Tramway of Sydney Ferries, where it survived to the late 1930s.  It had a vertical boiler and I'm sure you've seen photos of it there, Frank.
Cheers, Richard

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The Adelaide steam motor is mentioned in Bruce Macdonald's book: Baldwin 4343 of 1878. As Richard says, described as "painted canary yellow". 


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Hello Richard,

It will include the Sydney Baldwin steam tram motors, and the Bendigo and Belmont Shire (Brisbane) steam tram motors. 

It does not include the Adelaide one because that was unknown to the author (and to me). Do you have any more information about it?


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Will it include the Baldwin built Sydney steam trams and the single Adelaide one?  The latter was painted canary yellow.

Richard Horne

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Hello all,
The LRRSA is proposing to publish a book titled "Australia's Colourful American Locomotives" by David Fletcher. The book is sub-titled "Their art and architecture 1870-1920". The book describes how architecture influenced the design and liveries of American locomotives in the nineteenth century, and includes about seventy detailed scale drawings showing the liveries of the locomotives, as delivered to Australia, in full colour.
All known types of American locomotive delivered new to Australia from 1870 to 1920 are included, except Shay and Climax geared locomotives.
The book will be in landscape format, with about 160 A3 size pages (420 x 297 mm). As this will be an expensive project the LRRSA is seeking expressions of interest from those likely to purchase a copy. The pre-publication price will probably be about $95, and the print run may be limited to the number of expressions of interest received.
You can register your interest by going to the LRRSA website:
You can see a preview video about the book here:

Frank Stamford (LRRSA Publications Officer)



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