Re: LRRSA on

Roderick Smith

I am a member and got the message.
Yahoo is self destructing: no new content from 28.10, and no archiving of old content from December.
Hence, the switch to io is vital to preserve accumulated knowledge.

io makes transition seamless, but at a price: AUD220 for a premium account (10 GB) for one year, then the possibility of dropping to free (1 GB).

I am having to bite the bullet with my pub group.

Google is not matching io: it has no transfer offer (free or paid).  Or at least, I can't find any information on such an offer within the google website.  It is just as arrogant as farcebook and yahell anyhow.
The one yahell group which went to google runs a private archive anyhow.

I still can't judge which is better for users.


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