Re: John Kerr's QLD notes

Greg Stephenson

G’day all

These comments do raise the question to me of how will researchers of the future deal with records from the current era where many records are kept electronically.

I know I’ve never been that rigorous in how I store my digital images compared to my slides. It strikes me that every time a program is upgraded or current technology changes things get lost. Who can read a floppy disc now and I had to get an external DVD reader for my work computer.

I remember a comment about oral histories of engineers being recorded and someone asked are we archiving a machine to be able access the recording when technology changes.  

At least I can read 100 year old printed books - only problem is when they are in a language I don’t understand! Maybe the modern equivalent is incompatible software languages! 🙄

One at least hopes that Government Archives at least have some rigour in record keeping and commit to keeping the data available and compatible with the future technology.


Greg Stephenson
Brisbane, Australia

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G'day Lynn,

 I run a virtual machine using VirtualBox for these situations, to run any flavour of windoze necessary for the job.

If you are running an esoteric system, install Linux Mint in an old box or laptop to achieve the same ends.  All at zero cost... :)

Bob Thornton
Skipton AU

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