Re: John Kerr's QLD notes

David Halfpenny


I’ve downloaded it anyway, and will see if I can find a discarded laptop in my kids’ sty.

Another Warning: While the compressed file is only 254Mb, it unzips to a total of 1.21Gb.

David 1/2d

On 10 Oct 2019, at 02:07, A C Lynn Zelmer <lynn@...> wrote:

Unfortunately the data is only accessible using a Windows-based computer.
Ciao, Lynn

On 9/10/19 9:38 am, Petan wrote:

Warning; following is around 254MB file size so huge, so download when you have cheaper internet rates. John Kerr’s database of QLD rail transport, including industrial tramways, up to his 2003 death, is on the public internet through Fryer Library at The University of Queensland. The other online version at the State Library QLD is only up to about the 1970s. This has been on that public site for a few months now.



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