Re: Light Railways 269

David Halfpenny


I’d much rather have a printed copy - indeed I used to get them - but the Postage persuaded me otherwise . . . 
[It’s amazing what I can buy airmail from China for less than the price of a British stamp!]

While I’m writing, Frank, what are the changes in the second edition of Rails to Rubicon, please?

David 1/2d

On 2 Oct 2019, at 00:15, Frank Stamford <frank.stamford@...> wrote:

David did not have to rely on a miserably slow 1000 km/h aeroplane to get his copy. He is a pdf subscriber.

At this time I am not sure that any of the printed issues will have arrived.


On 2/10/2019 9:10 am, Hunslet wrote:
Unless David’s is posted earlier, it is strange how the magazine can reach the UK from Melbourne, yet I am still waiting for it in Junee – slightly closer!
Peter Neve OAM
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Thank, John - got it now.
Cracking good read, as ever :-)

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