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Frank Stamford

Regarding "Choppers and Chippers" which was published by the author, I have these two comments from people who handle LRRSA sales orders:

Choppers and Chippers is a logging history, covering all facets of the industry. There are some wonderful tramway photos and information, but it is not a "railway" book as such. It covers the logging industry in the West Otway, and is a companion volume to Sawdust and Steam, which covers the East Otways. Both books taken together expand significantly on Norm's earlier work, The Beechy. 


As Norm explained it, Choppers & Chippers is the companion book to Sawdust & Steam and both books together replace The Beechy.

It is very much about the tramways, but has been expanded to include more of the social history associated with the sawmills and tramways of the Otway Ranges. Both books also include much information that was not yet discovered when The Beechy was written.

As I said previously it includes the logging industry in the post tramway era, with road transport and bulldozers.

That is all I can add at this stage.


On 2/07/2019 1:30 am, B.Rumary wrote:

The LRRSA has a new book out - "Choppers and Chippers" by Norm Houghton.

Can anyone tell me how much information in this book covers logging tramways? There's no real information on this point in the blurb on the LRRSA book sales website.

Brian Rumary

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