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John Dennis

Hello Brian,

Fixing the description of this book has been on my to-do list for a little while. Unfortunately Norman Houghton (author and publisher) does not provide a blurb himself, and the book was added to our stock lists in a hurry to meet Light Railways deadlines, before we had even seen a copy ourselves. At the time I had very little information to go on. 

Choppers and Chippers is a logging history, covering all facets of the industry. There are some wonderful tramway photos and information, but it is not a "railway" book as such. It covers the logging industry in the West Otway, and is a companion volume to Sawdust and Steam, which covers the East Otways. Both boos taken together expand significantly on Norm's earlier work, The Beechy. 

Hope this helps,
John Dennis

On Tue, 2 Jul 2019 at 01:30, B.Rumary <brian@...> wrote:

The LRRSA has a new book out - "Choppers and Chippers" by Norm Houghton.

Can anyone tell me how much information in this book covers logging tramways? There's no real information on this point in the blurb on the LRRSA book sales website.

Brian Rumary

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