Re: Choppers and Chippers

Frank Stamford

Hello Brian,

The LRRSA is selling "Choppers and Chippers" but did not publish it. It was published by the author.

I do not have a copy so I cannot comment on your specific question, and it is a reasonable question.

I have seen a copy and remember being very impressed with many of the photographs. They were tempting, but I am attracted by historic photographs of things other than tramways.

But it is a sawmilling history, not specifically a tramway history, many of the pictures and some of the text is about sawmilling in the post tramway era.

Hopefully someone else on this Group might have a copy and be able to give you a more helpful response. In the meantime I will make some enquiries and if I find out more I will respond again here.


On 2/07/2019 1:30 am, B.Rumary wrote:

The LRRSA has a new book out - "Choppers and Chippers" by Norm Houghton.

Can anyone tell me how much information in this book covers logging tramways? There's no real information on this point in the blurb on the LRRSA book sales website.

Brian Rumary

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