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David Halfpenny

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Lived there for two years and could never work out why the "anks" got a holiday.

Named after a specific Act of Parliament, designed to put finance service deals on a level playing field.
The actual number of days Anks were shut has varied widely over the centuries.

Surely since the country as a whole got the holiday they are "public" holidays not just "bank" holidays.

Not always.
For 100 years there were only 4 Public Holidays (plus 52 Sundays) for the country as a whole.
Plus another 4 specific Ank holidays, which The Workers might or might not get off.

The virtual scrapping of Sunday, the rise of 24/7 anking, and the creeping addition of more Public Holidays has rendered the old legal distinction meaningless in everyday life.
What actually counts is when stock markets are open.

Which is what Kevin said, but in more words :-)

David 1/2d

On Sun, 2 Jun 2019 at 10:21 AM, Greg Stephenson <greg.stephenson@...> wrote:
I hope you and all the other ‘anks’ had a good holiday! 🤭😃

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