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Michael C.


Sorry, bank holiday.

Michael Chapman

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I hope you and all the other ‘anks’ had a good holiday! 🤭😃

Greg Stephenson
Brisbane, Australia

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Subject: [LRRSA] Photographs from Wales - slightly off-topic
Dear all,

On Monday the 27th May it was a ank-holiday in the UK so I was off work - hurray!

I visited the dual-gauge 12.25" and 15" gauge Fairbourne Railway on the West Coast of Wales. Visit:

There were a number of visiting locomotives; perhaps the most interesting being 'Katie' built in 1896.


There is an Australian link too! One of the other visiting locomotives was 'Mountaineer' formerly employed on the Bush Mill Railway in Tasmania. I was lucky enough to ride this in the late 1990s and was sad when it closed. 

I took lots of photographs and the best ones have been uploaded to Flickr.

Take a look if you are interested:


Michael Chapman

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