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A C Lynn Zelmer

Hello Alan

Yes, CaneSIG is still very much still operating although I agree that many parts of the site haven't been recently updated... perhaps I should "upgrade" to a content management system that puts the current date at the bottom of each page displayed to suggest that the site is being constantly updated...

There are certainly images of bulk sugar wagons and the like in the image collection, and there should be photos of both Moreton and Fairymead mills' molasses facilities, as well as QR molasses wagons in the Proserpine and Mackay areas. For example, I get 31 matches using molasses as a search term and 32 matches using bulk sugar as the search term.

I'm fairly sure that there are also photos of the various bulk sugar stores (warehouses) in Lautoka -- I took them but cannot find them in a quick search. Let me know direct if you are interested and I'll search further.

There are also a couple of mill maps, the easiest to find is Victoria Mill in one of the Cane Tram Notes. Use the Victoria Mill link at the bottom of Other are in some of my Narrow Gauge Down Under articles.

There are over 14,000 images in the image collection and I haven't been able to fix all the 404 File not found errors resulting from a change of ISPs a couple of years ago. The new Linux file server is very picky about an exact case match. If you get a 404 message try changing the case of the image filename (eg gs_4603.JPG to gs_4603.jpg, etc.).

Finally, my web site is being shut down but both CaneSIG and the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention materials will continue as part of

Best wishes, Lynn

On 21/4/19 5:29 am, AASewell via Groups.Io wrote:
I used to be signed up to Lyn Zelmer's Cane SIG  but was not sure if it was still active as have seen nothing for quite a while. It it still operating?
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