Re: Sugar mill modelling



I recently joined the LRRSA group but have been a LRRSA member for a number of years.  

As a British rail fan I find the current and historical scene of equal interest. My interests are largely in industrial style railroading which I have photographed on and off since the mid 1960's both here in the UK and abroad. One area which  has always particularly interested me has been the railways of the sugar industry. We have friends who emigrated to Queensland in 2007 and I have manged a couple of trips to photograph some of the mills on visits to them. Have also been able to see railways in Cuba, South Africa, Dominican Republic and in Florida. I am also a railway modeller and would like to build a diorama based around a sugar mill  narrow gauge in 00/H0 scale. I realise that I would need more space than I have available so decided on portraying the loco shed and bulk sugar/molasses handling. However  while I have a number of photographs and books none seem to show this. I just wondered if members had any such photographs or track plans which they could share with me as an aid in  my project. I would of course pay any expenses

Thanks in advance

Alan Sewell
Hertford SG14 3DR


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