Re: LRRSA online renewals

John Dennis

Thanks Graeme. That's pretty unusual I would have thought, because at that time you are trying to connect to SecurePay rather than an page. Unfortunately that is something outside of my control. Just out of interest, what browser are you using?

On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 22:27, Graeme Inglis <gin78205@...> wrote:

Sorry, should have said! 'Secure Connection Failed' is the error message which appeared immediately.


On 3/04/2019 10:24 pm, John Dennis wrote:
What was the error message Graeme?  


On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 22:22, Graeme Inglis <gin78205@...> wrote:


            Just tried to renew online at the LRRSA site and everything worked fine until clicking on the 'button' to go to the Secure Payment area. I immediately received an error message and could not proceed any further at all - either Credit card OR PayPal options. Obviously a serious 'glitch' somewhere which I hope can be sorted soon as because the option of renewing this way is terrific!


On 3/04/2019 9:56 pm, John Dennis wrote:

Following the distribution of LR266 early renewals have started coming in. While most online renewals are being processed normally, I am seeing a surprising number which seem to have failed, most likely somewhere between going to SecurePay to enter the card details (or PayPal) and coming back to the lrrsa site to display the Payment Confirmation. 

If anybody on the list has suffered from this, can they please let me know the symptoms - where they were in the process and what then happened. I cannot reproduce this at all, and have tried four different browsers, so I don't think it's a browser specific problem. 

John Dennis

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