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Michael C.

Hi Kevin,

I never saw the turntable used whilst I was in Darjeeling so perhaps the fishplates are semi-permanent?

I did the ride to Ghum too...

I shared an album with you from the Flickr app. Check it out:

Unfortunately the weather was not good.

The following day I left Darjeeling and travelled the full 55 miles of the railway by diesel. Those photos haven't been looked at yet...

Michael Chapman 

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Nice photos.

Am I missing something in the photo of the turntable at Darjeeling?? It seems to be fishplated onto the lead. Surely they don't have to undo the fishplates to turn something? That would lose its novelty very quickly!!

Been there seen that, but in the days of filum, you had to be sparing of taking photos, so I didn't take a photo of the turntable. Did a trip from Darjeeling up to Ghum. Our driver/guide thought we were mad (in all probability so did my wife!!). Would love to do the whole length, however I suspect even for a train tragic it could get tedious. They certainly weren't single seats when we went in 1997, just those hard bench seats. Would have liked a better look at Batasia Loop, and would have liked to have been able to get off and take photos of the train circling, but train only paused and moved on. I was moderately young and fit - perhaps if I'd known it was approaching and the layout, I should have jumped off and bolted up the embankment to get some shots. If only ...

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Dear All,

Last month I travelled on the 'Indian Magic' tour with Darjeeling Tours. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind in and around Darjeeling with lots of cloud and fog.

However; I have started to work through the thousands of images I captured and have uploaded some collections to Flickr.

On-shed at Siliguri Junction is here:

New Jalpaiguri Junction to Tindharia is here:

This is kind of cool:

Tindharia Works including new B Class boilers is here:

Such as:

And they can service a B Class in 100 days!

Tindharia to Ghum in the dark is here:

I like these images:

And on-shed in Darjeeling is here:

This album contains some black-and-white images for a change such as:

And this image is rather special:

There is more to come... including two other narrow gauge railways...

Please take a look if you are interested.


Michael Chapman.


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