OFF-TOPIC narrow gauge railway photographs.

Michael C.

Dear All,

Last month I travelled on the 'Indian Magic' tour with Darjeeling Tours. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind in and around Darjeeling with lots of cloud and fog.

However; I have started to work through the thousands of images I captured and have uploaded some collections to Flickr.

On-shed at Siliguri Junction is here:

New Jalpaiguri Junction to Tindharia is here:

This is kind of cool:

Tindharia Works including new B Class boilers is here:

Such as:

And they can service a B Class in 100 days!

Tindharia to Ghum in the dark is here:

I like these images: - three trains!

And on-shed in Darjeeling is here:

This album contains some black-and-white images for a change such as:

And this image is rather special: - what better way to spend a morning?!

There is more to come... including two other narrow gauge railways...

Please take a look if you are interested.


Michael Chapman.

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