Re: Carnarvon Tramway - unidentified relics

John Dennis


The August 1999 ARHS Bulletin has a lengthy article on the Carnarvon Tramway. In this article it is stated:

Flooding of the river had caused many
problems over the years for the tramway
operations. So, in 1934 when the tramway
embankments were again damaged by
flooding, a 34-chain deviation was built and
the long culvert bridge (i.e., over Whitlock/
Oyster Creek) extended by two bays. This
also resulted in two of the small culvert
bridges being bypassed and thus being
redundant have deteriorated so that only
piles and some cross beams remain in 1995.

Perhaps what you are seeing are the remnants described in the last sentence? Although I suspect that the crossing of Oyster Creek might have been more like one-third of the way across Babbage Island from the long bridge to the jetty. 


On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 at 22:30, Sam Laybutt <crazyknightsfan@...> wrote:
Hello LRRSA,

I went for a walk along the Carnarvon Tramway Trail last week and spotted some remains of what looks like an earlier timber bridge(?) on Whitlock Island, just to the west of the main bridge. See attached photograph and diagram.

I haven't been able to find any information online that would indicate what the back story might be, so hoping someone here might know. The red line on the diagram denotes a possible earlier alignment for the tramway across the mud flats.


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