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Michael C.

Hi John,

It was two or three in Wernigerode, but minus one at the top of the Brocken. 

It felt much colder though owing to the wind chill and all the ice and snow blowing around.

Michael Chapman 

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Nice photos Michael,

I've never been there in Winter. I'm not certain whether I prefer Melbourne's high 30s (42 on Friday) or the freezing cold. What was the temperature in Wernigerode? 


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Dear all,

Happy New Year from the United Kingdom.

Apologies for being off-topic, but just before Christmas I travelled via train from Leeds in Yorkshire to Hannover in Germany via LNER, Eurostar, Thalys and DB ICE trains, then onto Goslar in the Harz via coach.

Then I spent three days riding and photographing the metre gauge Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (

I was surprised that all the trains were running and shops were open on Christmas day. Therefore I caught a diesel train from Goslar to Wernigerode and travelled by HSB up the Brocken where Christmas lunch was currywurst and beer!

On Christmas night there was a line-up of locomotives in the floodlit yard at Wernigerode so I had a go a night photography - the best ones are now on Flickr. 

Take a look if you are interested.


Michael Chapman.

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