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Did someone say munitions tramways for a fort????   Well, Fort Lytton at the mouth of the Brisbane River has appeared in the LRRSA yahoogroups at various times and Samboo The Bear, our house companion, wishes to submit the following Facebook picture of himself on a munitions trolley at Fort Lytton. Samboo also thinks his picture on this trolley has appeared in the LRRSA yahoogroup before in message 8994 on 12 October 2016.  Google will probably give details of the other tramways there including a horse line. One display had mines on a tramway wagon.



Peter Cokley


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Subject: [LRRSA] Defence sites study


I’m not aware if any fort sites ever had light railways within them for the transport of munitions, but if readers are aware of anything published in this area, it may be of interest to the researchers listed below.



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