Desalination tram


I am wondering if there is any more tramway data on the Tugun Gold Coast desalination project.


Back in LRRSA group message 3197 on Oct. 23, 2009 John Browning wrote the following message, shown below, about desalination projects. Yesterday I also purchased the PDF for Light Railways 193 February 2007 which also contained John’s message on the Tugun Gold Coast desalination project including that John Holland Construction was responsible for building twin undersea tunnels for the intake and discharge pipelines for the project, both of which were excavated concurrently by tunnel boring machine. Twin access shafts were excavated at Betty Diamond Park, Tugun. John Holland was attempting to source 10 km of 401b rails for this project in November 2006.


John’s message 3197 on Oct. 23, 2009; It is well known that narrow gauge rail equipment was used for the ocean intake and outlet tunnels of the Gold Coast desalination project. With similar projects at Kurnell (NSW), Wonthaggi (Vic), Port Stanvac (SA) and Binningup (WA), the possibility of significant narrow gauge railway use cannot be discounted. These projects are fleeting and hard to gain any access to, but if they are not even recorded when they take place, our knowledge going into the future is the poorer. Can anyone provide any information about the possible use of rail equipment in these (or similar) tunnel projects? I am keen to see any relevant information reported in 'Light Railways'. Thanks John.


I have searched the past messages on this LRRSA group and John’s 2009 message is the sole Tugun desalination mention I can locate.



Peter Cokley


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