Photos taken on the construction of the Perth MetroRail City Project

Philip G Graham

An appeal - please can you help?

During the life of the construction phase 10/05~9/06 of the Perth MetroRail City Project, Public Transport Authority, Perth WA AU, Package F, Esplanade~Perth Yard - LCKG= Leighton Contractors/Kumagi Gumi Co Ltd jv (C), there were a number of specialized tours by engineering types and public officials to view progress of the project. Lucky sods, no such luck for the few enthusiasts interested in these proceedings, and it was a bit dicey besides to visit considering various industrial troubles.

During the early part of the first drive from Esplanade station box towards the William Street station box, someone was able to photograph the Schöma CFL180DCL tunnel locomotives at work. The LRRSA has a sequence of these photos, by whom photographed it is not known. Can anybody recognize these photos please, and make known the photographer's name and where we can get in touch? You might recognize the number sequence from your digital camera? DSCF9559-DSCF9572, would be taken sometime late 2005.

Thanks for any help you can render.


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