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John Dennis

It's VR-speak for level crossing, Chris.


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What is a PCR?





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"This duct, in Spotswood, was built as a key upgrade to Melbourne’s first sewer system around 1930. It was made by unskilled workmen who dug into the city's swamp with spades and dodged deadly methane explosions."

Ah, yes, a VR gang came close to shading their knickers whilst repairing the PCR at Hall St in Spotswood - they accidentally broke through into this sewer line releasing a large amount of rather odorous, er, flammable gas....  As I recall, this PCR is actually a bridge due to the presence of the sewer.

And, maybe they were were unskilled in the 30's, but the old guys in the 1890's certainly weren't, my g'grandad was in that lot, a highly skilled chippie - if he had to match a piece of fancy milled timber, he hand made the planes to do it, unskilled, humph....


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