Re: 'Deanville Tramway' at East Point, Darwin

Mike Bickford

Could ‘Deanville’ be a miss-spelling of ‘Decauville’?
Decauville was a French company that developed a lightweight portable rail system and the name became a generic name for such systems.
Mike Bickford
Murrumburrah NSW

From: Sam Laybutt
Sent: Friday, July 6, 2018 11:26 PM
Subject: [LRRSA] 'Deanville Tramway' at East Point, Darwin

There is an interpretive sign at East Point in Darwin which references a 'Deanville' tramway used to transport ammunition between the magazine and the WW2 gun emplacements. I have attached a photo of this sign.


What is a 'Deanville' tramway? Google didn't really help me in this regard.


Also, despite what the sign says, i didn't see any tramway remnants. Will have to have a closer look next time I'm there.


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