"From the Bush to the Bungalow" 1924 film of timber tramway operations

Frank Stamford

The link below is to the YouTube video "From the Bush to the Bungalow" which shows horse tramway operations on Horner & Monett's 3 ft gauge timber tramway about 3 km east of Powelltown, Victoria. The date is about 1924. The horse tramway operations are shown between 3:56 to 6:04; and 7:34 to 8:06 minutes. I would recommend that you change the speed to 0.75 to more accurately represent the original film speed (click on the wheel on the bottom right and select "Settings" to do this). The film gives a wonderful insight into logging operations, horse tramway working, and life in the bush at that time. Many similar tramways operated in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, and to a lesser extent in Queensland and Western Australia. The YouTube video can be found here: https://youtu.be/7BRpobdO6Hg

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