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I haven't checked the reference, but surely that £12,000 should be £1,200.  

Richard Horne

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That is an interesting find, it would be very nice to know the answer - or perhaps to be a fly-on-the-wall when they made the discovery.


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This afternoon, I was looking through some old newspapers on Trove and came across the following interesting snippet.


One wonders whether the South Burwood Coal Company realised the loco they were inquiring upon from Kiama (Fowler 5265 of 1886) was a narrow gauge loco, rather than a standard gauge one that would have been useful on their line at that time under construction from Adamstown to South Burwood Colliery (colliery sinking operations also underway at that time).  The South Burwood Colliery subsequently became known as Dudley Colliery.


Thought that some on this list might be interested. newspaper/article/135708176

Illawarra Mercury, Thursday 3 October, 1889, page 2


A special meeting of the Kiama Municipal Council was hold, on Tuesday last, for the purpose of considering a letter from the South Burwood Coal Company, making enquiries about the corporation locomotive, with a view to purchasing it. The meeting was attended by the Mayor, Aldermen Cole, King, Noble, Simmons, Somerville and Russell. The price of the motor was fixed at £800, and the clerk was directed to offer it at that sum, give a full description of the engine, and name one month as the time for the offer to be open. If the Burwood Company purchase at the price named, they will have no reason to regret, as the engine is one of John Fowler and Co.'s best, cost nearly £12,000 and has never done an hour's work, being therefore as good as new.



Bruce Rankin

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