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Philip G Graham

  > But then everyone individually has to rejoin?

No, you will still be able to to log in to using the existing e-Mail address and password that was used for Yahoo Groups. The only note of caution is if you used a different e-Mail address for the Digest to that of your yahoo e-Mail address. Once you have logged in again, it is possible to re-set anew all or any passwords for a fresh start if desired.

Suggest the LRRSA Moderator contact the IRS Moderator, Ken Scanes for re-assurance.

Philip G Graham - Tasmania (-PGG-)

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 10:42 AM, Philip Graham <philip.graham567@...> wrote:
Dear Moderator

Please move to It is now imperative to do so. Yahoo has invoked this business of OATH just recently, and I note that Flickr has gone to SmugMug. So Yahoo userbility is being whittled away piece by piece and compartmentalized.

Of the other groups that have moved to, one with a very big back archive of messages going back many years is the Industrial Railway Society, and their moderator had very little trouble with the move. Furthermore the archive remains searchable right back to the beginning.

There is little incentive to remain with Yahoo.

Philip G Graham - Tasmania (-PGG-)

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