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Kevin Sewell

And there will be a sharp spike in messages over a few weeks as everybody reports, "I'm on" "got here" "ooh ... look at this" "how does this work" "where do I find ..." "Hi Gertrude ... I see you made it"
There'll also be a week or two of "oh, I don't like it" "yahoo was better" "I prefer the old Group" but I'd predict they'll be gone (either the complaints or the complainers!!) in less than a month. And then the Group will return to the largely quiet, connection of people with a common interest, occasionally chatting ... like it's always been, just on a different platform.

On Thu, 3 May 2018 at 6:52 AM, Kevin Sewell <kevinrsewell@...> wrote:
The only (infinitesimally minor) thing that would be lost in a mass migration is length of membership. In older Groups some will have been members for weeks and others for years. In the new Group, where everybody migrates at about the same time, nobody has "long service". I can't think of any situation where that's a serious issue, but maybe ...

On Thu, 3 May 2018 at 6:25 AM, Rod Hutchinson rodhutchy@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

I moved across with two large groups.  No rejoining is necessary.  For the average memeber the transfer is seamless.

Rod Hutchinson

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But then everyone individually has to rejoin?



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On 2 May 2018, at 8:23 pm, John Dennis [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:


Having heard all the good stories about the migration, we shall investigate what is needed. First we will need to find the moderator...


John Dennis

LRRSA Sales Officer.


Hello John,


I am a moderator but I am not sure if I have the authority in Yahoo Groups to initiate the transfer process. It might need to be the person who started the Yahoo group. We can discuss this at the meeting tomorrow night.


I did some research on the transfer process about six months ago. It is fairly straightforward - providing the instructions are followed stage by stage.





On 2 May 2018 at 19:49, rodsmith@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:


Three of my major groups have moved to io, with great success.  It allows the transfer of all existing yahoo material, so archives are preserved.  Two were done by experienced people.  The third was done by a novice, with success in just 24 h.

One has gone to google groups: more cumbersome, but still works.

Yahoo has been in self-destruct mode since Nov.17.

Photos are erratic, mainly missing.
Text is being delayed.

Groups relying on photos just have to defect.





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