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David Halfpenny

While I have no problems at all with this Group, and very rarely any Yahoo issues, I’m also a Yahoo activist and aware that some countries are having massive problems.

As long as we have under 1Gb of files and photos, is free-to-use and by far the best technical alternative.
There is risk, in that it’s a one-man-band, but Roderick is right to say we can keep the old group going as long as Verizon supports it.
By the way, 'Yahoo management' isn’t deliberately ‘arrogant’ - it’s merely been disbanded! 
Groups is like an abandoned airliner on autopilot, and it’s amazing that it flies at all.

I shan’t move my own Groups in a hurry, in case Verizon gets its act together, but I’m not hopeful that a new team can do much without documentation that I suspect was lost years ago.
I have them all backed-up to disc, including this one, if anyone needs to know.\\

David 1/2d 

On 2 May 2018, at 14:23, rodsmith@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

The beauty of going to is that the list owner can invite all existing members to join the new version with one simple click by them.
If attachments don't transfer to the new archive, the old doesn't have to be deleted: simply lock it for fresh posting, and leave it sitting as a searchable archive just to infuriate the appallingly-arrogant yahell management.  However, AFAIK (lazy typing) attachments do transfer.
I am lucky: a small specialist group which I own still has emails and photos going through.  If/when I am forced to relocate, I will go to


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