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Kevin Sewell

It's the extremely lazy (that's me!!!) way of saying As I Understand It.

On Wed, 2 May 2018 at 4:29 PM, Frank Stamford frank.stamford@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

Hello Kevin,

What is AIUI ?


On 2/05/2018 3:41 PM, Kevin Sewell kevinrsewell@... [LRRSA] wrote:

I do not have a strong opinion about staying with Yahoo or moving to io.groups (largely because any opinion I express will not be based on any level of informed or educated expertise), except to say that one Group I belong to did move from Yahoo to io.groups, had relatively little problem in doing so, had all the archive brought across, but still kept the old Yahoo Group alive in case it was necessary for some unforeseen reason. As far as I as a 'umble user not mod am aware, that unforeseen reason has never arisen. As a Group we have all participated in bedding it down about two years ago, had some ups and downs in the process, learned a LOT, and also been active participants in the overall io.groups beta mob. And it's not a Group of young techie hipsters used to flitting around different media - the youngest is probably late 50s.

I cannot think of a single instance where io.groups has fallen over in that two years, and although I am not a mod of that particular Group, AIUI, questions to the io.groups owner/designer/writer or whatever he is, have been responded to generally in minutes or at worst hours, not days or weeks.

Not casting nasturtiums at Yahoo, and couldn't care one way or 't'other what mechanism this Group uses (I am NOT on commission!!!) but I have certainly been impressed with io.groups.

On Wed, 2 May 2018 at 10:42 AM, Philip Graham philip.graham567@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:
Dear Moderator

Please move to It is now imperative to do so. Yahoo has invoked this business of OATH just recently, and I note that Flickr has gone to SmugMug. So Yahoo userbility is being whittled away piece by piece and compartmentalized.

Of the other groups that have moved to, one with a very big back archive of messages going back many years is the Industrial Railway Society, and their moderator had very little trouble with the move. Furthermore the archive remains searchable right back to the beginning.

There is little incentive to remain with Yahoo.

Philip G Graham - Tasmania (-PGG-)


Don't just answer the question, question the answer.

Don't just answer the question, question the answer.

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