Re: Hunslet No.1239 4-6-0T locomotive - North Eton Mill No.4

Noel Reed

In the early fifties I had my railwayman’s annual vacation in Queensland. I  visited many sugar mill sites from Hambledon Mill near Cairns [which had Clyde 0-6-0 diesel locos] south to Moreton Central Mill at Nambour. Most mills had steam locos and I recall and photographed  ‘MORETON’ [which travelled under the QR main line] and ‘VALDORA’ [used for shunting] at Nambour, also other steam locos were photographed at Pleystowe, Isis, Millaquin and Qunaba sugar Mills.  One of these had an 0-4-0 Krauss loco with a large spark arrestor stack like ‘JACK’ from Burrinjuck Dam, also an 0-6-0 loco.  Other mills in that area and elsewhere had ‘Bunderberg/Fowler’ steam locos.


A lot of these 35 mm colour transparency images are yet to be scanned when I can afford a good Epson high resolution scanner. Most of my colour film was Kodachrome which retained colours better than others. They have only been viewed occasionally with a 300 watt ‘Aldis’ projector.

Noel Reed. Hornsby NSW.             


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The CaneSIG image collection may have what you are looking for Frank:
Image link: North Eton Sugar Mill, Mackay Q 4 Hunslet 4-6-0T Canefield to mill -- 20.9.63 (Built by Hunslet Engine Co. for British War Dept; saw service in France in First World War.), John Browning Collection [Qsugar]

I can provide a publishable (higher resolution and cleaned up a bit) version of the image if John Browning is agreeable.

Best wishes, Lynn

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Good morning all,


The next issue of Light Railways will include an article about Hunslet 4-6-0T locomotive, Buuilder's No.1239, which is now restored in the Workshops Railway, Museum, Ipswich.


This locomotive was formerly No.4 of North Eton sugar mill, Queensland. 


Whilst we have a number of illustrations for the article, we are looking for:


(1)  a photograph of it is service at North Eton (which would be before 1965); and 


(2) a photograph of it in its fully restored condition at the Museum.


Would any member of this Group be able to provide one or both of these please?


The attached picture is one I took in 1964 of the loco in a park.




(wearing LR Associate Editor hat!)




Lynn Zelmer
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