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Folks, I am still following up on the molasses help I received the other week .


I am checking why, in 1897, the cargo list of a CSR Condong mill, Tweed River, bound ship would include empty casks listed as for CSR, as well as the to be expected coal from Newcastle for CSR Condong. In July 1897 the Langley Brothers ‘Heroine’, an 1894 Nambucca River built 98 feet schooner, was anchored off Coolangatta waiting to enter the Tweed River. Storms generated by an East Coast low lashed at the boat causing waves to break over her deck, staving in her hatches. She slipped her anchors and she was driven ashore close to Coolangatta Creek at North Kirra. Fortunately, the captain and crew landed safely but she was badly damaged and abandoned.   Sources include The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 July 1897, p5  


My suggestion for the empty casks would be to send out molasses, so I wonder if any other person’s research has found molasses was transported in casks in that era?   


On a side note, we are members of the Geocaching GPS hobby and we have a cache at the probably wreck site of the Heroine which is also close to the probably site of the August 1846 wreck of the Coolangatta, a 63 foot 88 ton top sail schooner built in the Shoalhaven area of southern NSW in 1843. She was in the area to pick-up cedar logs harvested amongst the hills of the Tweed Valley. Coolangatta QLD is named after this 1846 wreck. Our geocaching user name is Petan, same as my Railpage name. Our geocaching page Has more



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      Indeed Kevin, My Dad reports workmen who spent time in the empty fermenting vats becoming somewhat merry. They also used beryllium copper tools, to prevent any chance of a spark igniting the vapour. The sugar dust was also highly explosive, a spark from a conveyor, at one time blew out all the windows of the warehouse, into the harbour.

  I rather wonder if the molasses loaded on rail at Condong, went to Pyrmont at all. There were many other users of it. Stock food makers use. Bob

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