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A 36 class is 59ft 1in.   There were apparently “short 60-ft” and  “long 60-ft” turntables – so it obviously relies on the skill of the enginemen as to whether it would be necessary to split the 36 class for turning.  Armidale had a 60-ft turntable and 36 class off the North Mail were regularly turned there without splitting.

Another matter to consider when turning an engine which is longer than the turntable itself is whether there are any obstructions around the turntable perimeter.   This was found to be the case when a 36 class was first turned on the 60-ft ‘table at Kiama.   Luckily, the local Bridge Gang were working nearby and were able to attend with their oxy-gear to remove the offending item.

There is also the question on many turntables - especially the man-worked ones - of getting the loco properly balanced, so that it could be turned. The loco's centre of gravity may well not be at the same position as the half-way point on its wheelbase, which would mean that the loco would have to be positioned "visually off-centre" to get it properly balanced for turning. And of course the balancing would also be affected by how much coal and water was in the tender when the loco was turned.

Brian Rumary

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